Easter Sketch – 8 Photos

As you can see, this is a simple, colorful and really fun sketch meant to inspire creativity! 



  1. Solid purple cardstock is used for the background. 
  2. Cut or tear (using the tear ruler) 3″ border. To tear it simply place the tear ruler 3″ from the edge and pull paper up against the ruler. 
  3. Trim and matt photos as desired, use tape to stick photos to paper and paper to background.
  4. JOURNAL the who, what, when and where of your layout. Be sure to include names and places.


Click the image to the left to download the free PDF sketch for your convenience. This sketch was first created by Tammey Brown in 2009. 


I’ve included links to the items I used in this layout for your convience. They list of supplies links to the item and below in the box are photos with links back to the items. If you can’t see them you’ll need to disable your adblocker. 

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