Scrapbooking is so much more than just a hobby or craft! It's a way to save YOUR story YOUR way!

Craft YOUR Story

Write your story! How? Dive into scrapbooking to craft a personal narrative with dynamic layouts, creative prompts, and unique design ideas, ensuring every page encapsulates cherished life moments.  Access simple techniques to interweave photos and stories, creating an artful compilation that stands as a visual legacy for generations. Read on for tips, tricks and how

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What is a scrapbooking layout and how can I get the most elements with the least amount of paper waste?

What is a Scrapbooking Layout

Exploring Layouts and Essential Elements Scrapbooking is a beautiful craft that allows us to preserve and celebrate our most cherished memories.  At the heart of a well-crafted scrapbook lies its layout – the arrangement of photos, embellishments, and journaling that brings the pages to life.  What is a Scrapbooking Layout? A scrapbooking layout refers to the arrangement of

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25 Days of Christmas Challenge

25 Days of Christmas Photo Ideas

Race, Shop, Wrap, Rush, Bake, Gone! Ever find yourself excited about the holidays and then racing to get the shopping done, get from one concert to the next, off to this party and then to that one. Then there are the office parties, cookie exchanges, Christmas programs, volunteering, wrapping presents, more shopping, and more baking!

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