Using my files without a cutter (PDF Files)

I’m not sure that my scrapbooking friends are catching on to the fact that I create pdf files in my shares (in addition to the various cutter types). All you need is the free Adobe reader to open the file. Then print it, cut it out and voila; a paper piecing pattern!

The Beary Special Valentine hidden on my blog does include pdf format so that those without cutters can still create these adorable little Valentines. Just click on this little bear to download the file.

They would be perfect for kids to share in the classroom or daycare! It would also be a really fun project for a teacher to do with the class.

Be quick though as the wind has picked up again! The hat bringing the magic of the free file will blow away soon!

Thanks so much Jo-Anne for sending me this pic! It turned out so cute!!!

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