Time for a change

So after almost 8 years at the same go no where job, life has smiled on me with a new job! I interviewed with them late on Wed and had an offer within a couple of hours! It isn’t what I was looking for, but it is so much of what I wanted! I start on Monday. It will take a lot of adjusting to, but that’s okay. I’m up to it 🙂

I knew it was time for a change well over a year ago. At first it was like a big family and everyone supported each other there. The last two years though… suffice it to say the glue that held it all together and ran it so well… he retired and took the joy of working there with him. I felt like my life had become quicksand and the job had become just a paycheck. It was time to do something about it.

I tend to be one of those people that when I make up my mind, it’s made up and I follow through! My husband has been so wonderful and absolutely supported my decision. Life has gone from quicksand to sunshine and blossoms!

Makes me nervous lol

Just wanted to let my friends and followers know.