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Thankful Jar!

How do you share what you’re thankful for?

Have you ever heard of a Thankful Jar or Gratitude Goblet? Ok, so I just now made up Gratitude Goblet but it sounds fun! Either way, it’s the same idea. 

Directions: All Year Long Thankful Jar

  1. Get a large container
    1. Mason or pickle jar
    2. Coffee can
    3. A large teddy bear containers that you get animal cookies in
  2. Decorate it (if desired)
    1. I saved some great ideas to my Pinterest Journaling Board! (Click Here to see them)
  3. Place it somewhere easy to access (so writing out your note is easy to remember to do!)
  4. Include a pen or pencil and small pieces of paper next to it for people to write on and with.
  5. ANY time something really great happens, write it on a piece of paper and add it to the jar!
    • Write what you’re thankful for – any inspiration of gratitude!
    • Write it down if something unexpected and fun happens … like someone bought your coffee at the drive-through, a neighbor left you a note or treat, or you were able to do something wonderful for someone else!
    • Write one a day – by this time next year you’ll have almost 400 notes of gratitude and appreciation!
  6. Start over next year except now you can add one to the current jar and randomly draw out an old one to read!
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Thanksgiving Thankful Jar

Thanksgiving often brings family together and a great opportunity to collect what everyone was most thankful for in the previous year.

  • Follow the directions above for your Thankful or Blessings Jar
  • Have it on a table with pens and slips of paper so that family, friends, and guests can write out their blessings and drop them in your container.
    • NOTE: You could make a game out of this by:
      • Having a specific person read all of the blessings guests guess which blessing belongs to which person.
      • Have each guest draw one from the jar and read it
      • Have the guests fill out the slips as an after dinner activity to be read next year! 

If you start this at Thaksgiving dinner, by next Thanksgiving you will have a whole jar of memories, blessings or prayer requests (or All three!) to share with loved ones!

You could save them in a Scrapbook with holiday photos!

Gather favorite recipes while everyone is gathered! Get photos of the finished product with the family member that makes it and make a wonderful RECIPE ALBUM as a Christmas gift!

Cover image - Introduction to Scrapbooking
Cover image – Introduction to Scrapbooking
40 Easy Photo Op Ideas for Fall - or anytime
40 Easy Photo Op Ideas for Fall – or anytime
Gather Favorite Family Recipes!

Other Jar Ideas

There are other themes that this time of year brings to mind as well.

  • Prayer Jar -Write out your prayer requests and drop them in the jar. At the end of the year you go back through and read them. Are you grateful that prayer didn’t come to pass or are you thankful that it did? Did it work out better than what you asked for?
  • Blessings Jar – You can also throw in blessings throughout the year and read them on Thanksgiving day next year!
  • Wishes Jar – Write your wishes or desires and drop them in!
  • Hopes, Dreams, Desires, etc – Call it whatever makes you happy! You can write it out or draw (cut out) photos or fun text and drop that in.
  • Memory Jar is a good one too, especially if you have young children. It’s so very easy to forget the amazing things they do and say! If you take a second and write them down, then you won’t forget! It also makes scrapbooking easier.

Super Fun and Free Printable

Here is a fun printable to make a fun thankful jar at Alexbrands.com

Link will take you to the AlexBrands site for this craft

As a mom, grandma, auntie, and family historian, I can’t stress enough how important it is to write down, surround yourself with, and list your blessings often.

When your focus is on what brings you joy, you find more joy. When the focus is on what’s negative or hurtful, then it’s like a spotlight is put on that instead.

Please note, I’m not affiliated with alexbrands in any way, I just really thought the printable was cute and would be easy to make with kids!

It is my desire that your blessings, joy, and happiness fill your spotlight this holiday season and throughout the year.

If you make any of these ideas, I would love to see them and hear your story! You can find me at Scrapwithme.com See you there!

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