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Journaling is an exciting, inspirational way to share you! Below you will find a few ideas to spark imagination and creativity! There aren’t any rules to journaling, so I invite you to use this as simply inspiration to create.

Journaling Through the Difficult Times

I’ve learned a lot about what people love and what they struggle with. Love, relationships, and marriage are at the top of the list because break-ups, divorce and fall outs happen. Let’s write it out together!

Unblocking Writers Block

10 Inspring Journal Prompts to get past writers block

Journaling is simply expressing myself, so why is the page empty?

Do you ever find yourself wanting thinkging this? You sit down to journal or write, but find yourself staring at the page instead? 

Here are a few things that might help get that creativity flowing!

1 - Don’t Do What You Usually Do! 

If you usually write out your dreams/goals/ideas or aspirations in your journal, today draw them! Or find images and text in a magazine and paste it to your page to tell your story. 

You could paint it, doodle it, or simple doodle. I love to doodle! Don’t know where to start? 

Put your pen in the middle of the page and draw a swirl. Add a line, a word, or even a kitten! Draw a balloon or maybe you see a cloud? How about a Heffalump? There’s no wrong answer!

Fun Pens!
Fun Colors!

2 - Change Up Your Location! 

If you usually write at your kitchen table, maybe consider a 

  • local coffee shop 
  • the park watching the kids run and jump and play
  • at the lake, stream, river, waterfall or ocean
  • in the mountains
  • at the farm
  • at the zoo
  • in the morning sun
  • watching the sun go down

Getting out of your regular routine is a great way to spark some new ideas!

3 - Think About You Love

  • Write about what you love
    • In a bulleted list
    • Random words on the page
    • Images of what you love
    • Or write a list of what comes to mind and then write about each item on the list
  • Why do you love it?
    • Include why you love it.
      • IE Hot, creamy, coffee
      • OR I love hot, creamy, coffee early in the morning. Just inhaling deeply of the aromatic steam brings me joy and starts my day right! My favorite brand/flavor is……   And sometimes I love to add…..  
  • How can you get more of that ^ in your life? Write about it!

4 - What Are You Grateful For?

  • It’s ok to start small or really big. I’m grateful I woke up this morning! MMM I’m so thankful for the hot, delicious coffee I’m sipping on right now. I’m so thankful for my warm home as the 40 mph winter winds dance around outside. What are you most thankful for?

5 - What Do You Want to Learn About?

  • Google it. Looking for new things to write about? Go to your favorite search engine and search. There are millions of choices there! 
    • What are you intersted in learning? How could you begin learning it? 
    • Search for journal prompts
    • Inspirational quotes are a great starting poing! 

6 - Think Outside The Box

  • Enjoy the expansion! Write five or six (or 20) things you are very passionate about and then make a crossword or wordsearch to fit in those words. 
  • Write those words on your page and color/doodle/paint/glitter or fill them in with whatever makes your heart sing.
  • Find pictures that represent those words and make a collage
  • Add one word to each day of the week. Start your morning listing what you love about your word for the day, how you could get more of it in your life? and/or look for representations of the word you wrote. Journal about it.

7 - What About Your Environment?

  • Sometimes music helps and other times quiet does. 
  • Did you know YouTube has videos of thunderstorms, ocean views, and forest sounds?
  • How about meditation music?
  • I love to diffuse Stress Away and Wintergreen essential oils together. It smells deliciously like root beer and, like the name says, it helps my mood!

8 - Today, Don't Write

  • Maybe today, not writing at all is the thing to do. I love being out with me camera, so when I’m looking to really be inspired, I grab my camera and go for a walk. 
  • Talking to a friend can be just what’s called for to clear thoughts and focus on the direction to be going.  

9 - Find the Journal Tag (top right) For More Ideas!

  • Look through the other Journaling posts for even more inspiration!
  • Have you connected with a good life coach or mentor to work through it? 

10 - Leave a Comment Below

  • Tell me what you love to journal about and how you do it. I’ve found that sometimes sharing with others (or teaching them) really inspires even more creativity in me! How about you? 

11 - Write For Someone Else!

Love to write, but don’t want the hassle of building your own blog? 

Looking to earn while you build? 

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60 Day Journal Challenge

Good Morning friends! I belong to a great scrapbooking group called ScrapbookingPizzaz and Esther and I were discussing challenges. She was inspired to start a journaling challenge.

Journal Topic: Your thoughts and opinions on this topic:  Everything happens for a reason, right?

(You can journal/write/draw/paint etc in a notebook book, journal, or word processor (Google Docs would work too!) on your computer or in your blog)


I absolutely believe everything happens for a reason. I can look around me and see where choices were placed in my life and I acted on them. Some positively and others I regret. Sometimes I regret acting and sometimes I regret not acting on them and not following my gut.

For example, almost seven years ago I was single and going through a hard time. My adult daughter literally bullied me into joining match.com, totally against my will. I ‘met’ a few guys on there and they seemed nice enough, but none that I really felt a connection with. Mostly, I felt they were just players. My 30-day free trial was about over and I was going to just delete my account I had a message from a guy named Chris.

We chatted via email and then on the phone. You can imagine my anxiety when it came time to actually meet in person! We met at a local coffee shop late one afternoon and I’d scheduled with my oldest daughter to call me in 45 minutes. If I said I Oh no, I’ll be right home! Then things weren’t going well. If I said something like, oh no problem, I’ll grab someone my way home, then it was going well. She called and laughed and teased me from the other end of that call while I was calmly saying, yeah I can stop and grab that on the way home.

I hung up and Chris asked if that was a check-in call. OH!!!! I felt the heat hit my face and all I could do was laugh and admit it. He offered up that he was glad I didn’t feel the need to rush off.

I married that man two years later 🙂

There were major changes in my life that led up to that point.

  • I moved states. I packed up and left everything I knew. It was hard leaving family, friends, familiarity and a decent job in Montana to move to North Dakota where I’d never lived before.
  • I ended a long term, bad for me, relationship and took a huge step of faith by walking away from our house and renting an apartment.
  • I had to find the confidence to actually meet the man behind the text at the coffee shop that day.

I look back now and see that because I took a chance at each fork in the road, I am now where I am. I took a chance on a man I met online, a very scary proposition and one I don’t actually recommend. However, I am happily married and added a young stepson to the family.

It isn’t always easy to see why things happen, sometimes we may never know why. It is always easy to know that God is in control and even when difficult things happen, He is there.

All of the experiences in my life have forged me into the strong, independent, reliable woman I am today.