Sorting and Storing Photos – Step 3 of 3

Step 3 – Welcome back. You will need a table to spread out on, a multi-year calendar, a notebook, a pencil, your photos, the Power Sort System, and time.

Look at your photos. How many years do you have to go through? Can it be broken down into decades? Months? Years? Centuries? Pick the biggest chunks. For example, if you have just 10 years worth of photos, you should sort them by year. If you have generations worth of photos, you may wish to start with decades.

  • Start by sorting your photos into decades or years. The smaller boxes that come with your Power Sort System allow you to simply place your photos right in the box. I had decades of photos to sort so I  sorted by my parents photos, my childhood, and then 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. That is five piles/boxes.
  • Sort all of the photos until your mountain of photos is all sorted into the boxes. 
  • Take ONE smaller box at a time. Empty out the photos and begin to sort those. I sorted by year. With my parents’ photos, it was much more difficult. I just tried to guess which photos were first and which ones came after. I knew I was older than my sister, so pictures of me as a baby went before pictures of my parents with my sister. The Power Sort System comes with tabbed cards just for this purpose. You can write on those cards and put them back in the small box. Now it is easy to simply look at the photo, determine what year it is (to the best of your ability) and put it behind that tab. Don’t worry about order yet. 
  • Once you have the photos all back in the box and behind the correct tab, tackle the next box.