ScrapWithMe Is Mine Again!

Well, I did it! For those that have been following me for a while, you know I developed and branded scrapwithme.com when I was sharing my ideas and layouts with my yahoo group, ScrapbookingClasses in 2007. I enjoyed that so much and it really filled my bucket.

However, life got crazy and I had to step back from a few things. The group and classes was at the top of the list to let go of. I was sad, but just didn’t have the time anymore. Someone else swooped in and grabbed the domain from me. Out of the blue a few weeks ago I thought to check and see where it was at and saw that it would expire and be available on Aug 21 of this year! Guess what I just did? YEP, it’s mine again!! I bought the domain back. Now I need to find a FREE webpage authoring software to build the page with. I think I also need to find somewhere to host it. Any suggestions?

I want to be able to upload my sketches, articles and maybe even videos. Who do you use?

What would you expect to find on scrapwithme.com ?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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