Princess Layout by Tammey

This is the layout I demonstrated tonight for my group. I printed on vellum using tiny clipart butterflies, a castle and a crown. Then I added a little glitter under the castle and some jewels randomly placed. I used a small stapler to attach the vellum to the pattern paper border. You could also use vellum adhesive/tape. Regular photo tape will show through the vellum. The photo matte is 4.5×6.5 for the pattern paper and 4.75×6.75 for the silver paper. The title and tear bear I purchased from Esther. The little butterfly sticker went on with popdots and has a little glitter on the dots of the wings.

This the right side page. I used the balance of the pattern paper to make a right side border. I also placed a vellum border down over the pattern paper and then silver mesh over that. I used a stapler to attach the silver mesh to the layout. Next I added two photos mats with the same dimensions as the left page, except wide instead of tall. The flowers on the right border come with gem brads right in them and they are made by Marcella K. The butterflies and flowers are by Me & My Big idea. They actually came from an Easter package.