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What’s New for ScrapWithMe.com

I’m super excited to share the fun changes coming up! ScrapWithMe.com will no longer point to the FaceBook group, as you’ve found because you’re reading this! Also, Tammey’s Tidbits blog has been redirected to post to ScrapWithMe. I loved so much of what I’ve shared over the years on Tidbits and didn’t want to lose or delete it, but I can’t maintain both blogs. So, I’ve decided to merge them into this one! 

I know I’ll share my templates and all about journaling and scrapbooking as creating and sharing is what I love most! 

I LOVE to:
  • Scrapbook – saving of memories is one of my favorite activities! For myself and for others.
  • Journaling – there is so much enjoyment to encouraging others to journal and write out there thoughts and stories! So much fun!!
  • I love to create! I enjoy cerating instructional how to’s! It is so much fun!
  • I love sharing. Period.
  • I enjoy creating fun things for others to use.
  • I super love helping others by solving a problem.
Many of you know me from the Yahoo Group: ScrapbookingClasses. Although that group is still there, it hasn’t been active in a while. 
I loved creating little files for people to be able to create paper piecings with and without cutter mahines. 
I’m in the process of cleaning up my harddrive and came across a bunch of files that I created for that ScrapBookingClasses and I’m so excited as I’m going to start sharing them through the here! I think that will be really fun 🙂
What would you like to see? What printables or templates do you need help with? I love creating!

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