Not surprising to any of you that have worked with me, been in my groups or joined one of my classes; I love to write! I can’t explain it, I don’t know why I love it, it is invigorating! It’s also why I started a blog so many years ago. I wanted a way to express myself and get my thoughts down.

Another passion of mine is people’s stories. I LOVE to learn the history, experiences, challenges and accomplishments of, well, everyone. I think that, more than anything else, drives my passion for scrapbooking. I wish I could change the term though. People hear scrapbooking and they think gems, glitter, sewing, ribbon, glitz and glamour. It is not.

It is all about preserving your story. That’s it. It is about documenting what and who you love. Yes, it is as simple as that.

Mothers day is a great time to reflect on Mom, Grandma, Nana, Great Aunt Mathilda, the loving elderly woman next door that was always there for you, your moms best friend that stood in for her when she was called home to heaven, or any of those amazing women in our life that have made us who we are. It is a special day set aside to thank them for impacting us.

For me, the greatest gift anyone can give me is their time. For someone to sit down and write a letter to me is an amazing gift. Journaling is just that. Writing down your feelings and experiences.

So, add writing down your feelings/experiences to a photo and tada, you have scrapbooking! Looking for a gift for that amazing woman? Give something personal. It doesn’t need to cost a small fortune, you don’t need half to tools on the market and you don’t need to put glitz on it.

Make it from the heart.
Mean it.
Just do it.

Not sure what to do? Start with a small note of gratitude. Include examples of times that impacted you greatly, or memories that are so wonderful you want her to know how much they meant to you. Just because you know, does NOT mean she does!

When my kids were young I was privileged to get to be at home with them. One summer my mom took time out of her busy day to just come up every morning and have coffee with me. We would play Ninetendo for an hour or so (does anyone remember that?) and then she would leave. Recently I called her out of the blue to tell her how much that experience impacted me. I thought she knew, but wanted to make sure. She had no idea.

To me, it was monumental. I got to know my mom as an adult. We talked about grown up, adult subjects. She shared personal experiences with me. It greatly impacted me and my relationship with her. For one thing, my love language is acts of service and quality time. Here was my mom taking time to spend time with me!! I felt loved.

It’s silly, how we perceive things sometimes.

I have a friend that loves it when her husband stops and gets her favorite soft drink on the way home from work. It brings her joy. Why? He thought about her and acted on it. She feels loved. Not only does he know what she loves to drink, but he takes the time to park, get out of his car, go in, pick it out, purchase it, get back in his car and bring it to her. He thinks about her. That lets her know she is loved. I’m guessing her love language (http://www.5lovelanguages.com/) – or how she feels loved – is gifts or acts of service.

Another friend complains that her husband is never there for her. She is struggling in her marriage. Her husband stops and buys her flowers once in a while for not reason at all. He gives her cards and writes lovely messages in them. He buys her beautiful jewelry. He is not an affectionate man. Her love language is touch. She is hungry for hugs, holding hands, an arm around her shoulders or just sitting close. Although he is doing everything he can think of to show her he loves her, he isn’t doing what she needs.

That’s what this post is all about.

TELL her why she is important. Tell her. Don’t assume she knows.

Have mom, or the mom in your life, go to www.5lovelanguages.com and take the test. Find out what their love language is, or how they feel loved, and then act on it. If it is quality time, plan a special outing just for her. If it is touch, take her to lunch, hug her, put your arm around her as you walk, hug her again 🙂

If it is acts of service, take her car and wash it. Mow her yard. Do something for her.

Appreciation comes in all forms. If you really, really want to make an impact. Write her a letter. Tell her how much she has meant to you. Include examples of how she made a difference. Include your favorite photo of the two of you together. You don’t have one? Why not? Get it. Today.

A photo and a letter.

That is scrapbooking. Multiple photos and writing about the experience. That’s a layout. Multiple layouts and that’s an album. An album done and that is amazing memories saved for a lifetime.

Need help? Contact me, I would be more than glad to help. This is my passion. It fires my soul. It’s why I do what I do. I LOVE to hear your story! I LOVE helping you preserve it.

Tell her. Show her.