July 10 – Firemen

I am working on an album that I’ll be donating to an auction for a friends dad that was in a serious motorcycle accident. He is a fire fighter and I want to make a fire fighter album. Through the help of the scrapbooking group I own (with my dear friend Esther), I have decided on the following?

The colors are going to be red, yellow, black and white
I want to learn more about patches and badges
I really need to learn more about our home town heroes

What do you know? What can you share? Have you ever done a fire fighter layout? I am desperately seeking inspiration!!!

If you know of a fire fighter or other home town hero that would send me a patch for my friends dad, I would appreciate it! He’s done his fair share over the years and I want to honor him with an album. Two albums in three weeks…. I know I can…. I know I can…. I know I can!!! 🙂

Check back in about a month for photos of the albums!!!

Thanks in advance for any help!

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