Ivy Hollow ScrapFusion™

Ivy Hollow – ScrapFusion™ is great for gluing buttons, beads, glass & Plexiglas elements, page pebbles, gems, glitter, and more to paper. ScrapFusion™ is archival, it is pH neutral (acid-free), and it is permanent.

ScrapFusion™ will hold onto just about anything that you want to attach to your cellulose paper or paperboard, such as chipboard, book board, or cardboard. It is only meant to glue things to paper. Of the two surfaces you are gluing together, one of the surfaces must be absorbent cellulose. It does not cause the paper to warp and wrinkle. If gluing large pieces of paper together, hold them flat underneath a flat heavy object (a large book comes to mind) while the glue dries.

It is color-safe. (This means that it won’t cause colorfast inks to fade or change hue. Some inks are going to fade or change color, no matter what, because they are made from unstable color dyes.) ScrapFusion™ won’t cause color bleeding on objects which are resistant to bleeding with water.

(The sale and site are no longer available)

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