Huge, Adorable, Awesome Tear Bear!!

Oh my gosh!!! Have you seen Esthers newest critter??

How cute is this??

Chalked, fluffed and embellished
14 Inch
Sitting Tear Bear!

These are the perfect size for a wall hanging in a child’s room!
She has pink, blue, mint green, and yellow, as well as many other colors!

Click on pic to go to Esther’s site!

Diploma in hand and a grad hat on
Wearing a bow tie
Birthday bear with gift and party hat
Holding a gaily colored basket of Easter eggs

Wow, there are so many ideas!! I buy critters from her all the time and I’m always impressed with the quality, speed with which she gets the packages out and how well she packages everything! Be sure to check this one out! Sooooo cute!!!! I’m getting one 🙂

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