How to sort and store your photos (1 of 3)

When I first began to scrapbook, I found the biggest barrier was myself. I would look at the mountains of photos and just freeze. I would never get through all of that. I don’t have the time. I just did not know where to begin. After a decade of working with photos, scrapbooking and helping others; I think I’ve found a good way to get over that barrier. The first step is to tackle that mountain – one step at a time!

This process will not be accomplished in one day. Set aside a place where you can spread out and work for several (or maybe even many) days.

Step 1 – In order to organize the photos, I highly recommend the Power Sort System by Creative Memories. I’ve used it for years and it really saved me! The one I have holds 2400 photos, the newer ones are half that size but just as amazing. So the first step to successfully tackling sorting your photos is to purchase a Power Sort System. This incredible system allows you to sort AND store your photos in an organized and photo safe environment.

Please note that plastic containers, old shoe boxes and baggies are NOT photo safe environments. It is very important that you store your photos in a photo safe environment so that they are not being exposed to destructive elements. Most scrappers (another name for those that create photo albums) would never consider putting something questionable on a layout next to their photos. Yet, they are okay with storing them in a questionable container. The same chemicals that can leach out of an unsafe embellishment and destroy your photo can also leach out of the container and destroy ALL of the photos stored there. This is so important. It would be devastating to have photos stored for years, finally get the time to scrap them, and then lose them later to chemicals that you weren’t even aware of being present.

Step 1  is to purchase a photo organizing system. Simple, right? Click on the link above to see what I’m talking about. This is the best way I know to get this barrier under control. Purchasing a photo safe and reliable system is the BEST way to get started.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I would be glad to help any way I can.

I’ll post Step 2 tomorrow.

Thank you!

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