Calendars I Use for Content Planning

How To Create A Content Calendar

To create a content calendar, add scheduled or planned activity to the calendar.

I’ve used content calendars for 

  • Journaling Ideas
  • Scrapbooking Layouts
  • Blog Posts (Like this one!)
  • Work Projects with timelines
  • Any time I’m planning anything

You could have a calendar for the week, month, year or even multi-year.

Create A Content Calendar – Template

Click on the image here to download the free calendar template PDF.

Simply print the page and fill in the month and dates.

Blank month template image that links to the free PDF calendar template file.

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12 Month Dry Erase Calendar

38×58 LARGE Dry Erase Calendar

24×36 LARGE Date Box Calendar

Great Reminders of Upcoming Events!

I’m working a month (or more) in advance of any event to allow me time to plan, create and schedule. 

Some events, like major holidays, I work MONTHS in advance and want to add it to my schedule time doesn’t get by me and so I’m well prepared.

The month before Mother’s day I created and scheduled my blog, FaceBook and Pinterest posts and then moved on to my next projects.

Because my content calendar is always at least a month ahead of major holidays I’m not rushed to get something out. It allows me to plan for fun events and let my creativity shine!

For the Mother’s Day post shown here, I shared a new, easy to make gift idea in my FB group every day for the whole week prior to the big day. My calendar reminded me before the big day to allow time to prepare. 

I scheduled out the posts/shares in the group a month in advance and created the cute Mother’s Day printable in the post shown below. 

WITHOUT the content calendar it’s likely I would have had to rush to create something the week before Mother’s day, which would leave me always feeling rushed and/or behind.

Example of the post using the content calendar and planning:

Easy To Make Mother’s Day Card Ideas

With Mother’s Day around the corner, these easy to make card ideas are a fun way to spend time with the kids and show mom how special she is! 

I LOVE handmade gifts! They are my favorite! I adore when the kiddos bring home sweet little things they made at school, church, summer camp or Grandmas house! 

This easy to follow E-book has over 30 ideas to spark fun and creativity for Mom this Mother’s Day! 

Don’t forget Grandma, Nana, Auntie, the sweet old lady next door, teachers and anyone else you want to say thank you to for being such a big part of your family!

All you need is paper, glue and candy! 

30 Easy Mothers Day Card Ideas with Free Template

Download Free 30+ Mother’s Day Card E-book with card template

Content Calendars Make it Easy to Quickly Spot Gaps

Some months (like December) are super easy to fill up! While others, like February, are much quieter and might take a little more research to come up with ideas for.

  • First I fill in what I do know, like major holidays or events.
  • Then I fill in any scheduled events (IE scheduled Lives, specific posts, classes or events)
  • Then I look through the calendar for gaps that need filling in.

Odd Holidays and Inspiration

When I create a content calendar, I start with a blank one like the one shown here. I add the events I know about and fill in the gaps. I like doing it this way first as sometimes things overlap or I want to change or add things in. Once I have the month planned I can move it to a cleaner copy if desired.

Here is a photo of my Content Calendar for May 2019. As you can see, I highlighted special events with yellow so I wouldn’t miss them.  

At the top, I wrote the national celebrations for the month. Did you know May is National Strawberry Month? It’s also National Preservation Month! I have these as ideas to fill in anywhere I might have gaps. 

Content Calendar for Scrapwithme.com for May 2019
My content calendar for May 2019

At the bottom, I included notes of things I didn’t want to forget. What you don’t see is that on the back of this sheet I have written various ideas for posts and crafts! 

Under personal I’ve written notes for when I know I’ll be out of town for a couple of days. This allows me to either plan for content on those days and schedule it or just plan to not have anything.

It also reminds me to make sure that my posts don’t ask for feedback on those days as I won’t be available to respond.

Google It!

Lastly, I look for large gaps that need to be filled in. I did a search for “calendar of national holidays” and got so many pages to choose from! 

Then I went through the links and wrote the holidays/celebrations on my calendar that pertained to what I like to write about. Successfully filling in any gaps that needed filling!

Calendar Choices

Starting with a printed calendar page makes it easy to print another one if changes are needed or errors are made.

Once the calendar is set for the month it can then be entered into a larger or electronic one if desired.

Sometimes I wake up with a great idea or one hits me while I”m driving, so I like to keep a small notebook with me to write them down in. I also have a notes app on my phone!

Calendars I Use for Content Planning

In the photo above:

  • TOP: The printed calendar that I write notes on.
  • MIDDLE: A spiral bound wall calendar with large spaces to write in. I transfer from the paper calendar to the wall calendar once I’m satisfied with it.
  • RIGHT: I keep a planner with me to write events etc in that I don’t want to forget.
  • LEFT: This notebook is with me all the time! It’s full of notes, ideas, and inspirations! Sometimes I’ll drive by a billboard and think: Wow, that would make a great blog topic! So I write it in the notebook. 

NOTE: When I create a content calendar for the next year, I rely on the one from the year before to help me recall what I did and to reduce duplication.

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Free Content Calendar Template and How to Use It
Creating a Content Calendar with free template


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