Halloween Activities

Halloween Activites/Printables

Here are some free and fun Halloween Activities to keep them busy! 

Halloween is an easy time of year to get photos! I recall the hustle and bustle of getting four young children dressed up for the evening! Seems like as soon as I started face paint on the second child the first one was complaining. I gave up thinking I’d get a perfect photo of four well made up kids. 


I’ve included a few printables in this post to make your life easier! Print these out and let the little ones have fun while the others get their costumes on. 

Here is an easy to color and super cute little pumpkin to print and color! 

You could color it in and then cut it out as a decoration or simply use it as a coloring sheet. 

Want something that takes a little more time? Print multiple copies and have them layer they eyes, mouth, nose, hat, and hat buckle. 

You could also place this on the outside of the window (sliding glass door) and have the kids trace the image and then color it right on the glass! Kids paint washes off glass easily.

Fun Supplies for your Layouts!

Halloween Word Search, Crossword and Maze Game

Free Printable Halloween Word Search
Free Printable Halloween Crossword
Free Printable Halloween Maze Game

60 Pages of Activities!

Beautiful Horse themed printable journal
Beautiful journal with journaling prompts, day, week and month planning pages, bonus coloring pages and more!