Canva tip Oct Week 1

Fun with Photos

Fun with Photos is EASY

Canva tip Oct Week 1

Canva offers some easy and fun ways to edit photographs. I don’t recommend this often for your scrapbooks, however once in a while, it might be fun. 

You could also use this technique to add a whimsical card image or for your next event cover. 

I started with a photo taken in my office from my computer and then applied the filter to get this cartoon effect! 

Here I used a dog photo taken from Canva and applied the filter then reduced the brightness to get the darker colors to come through. 

It’s super easy to have fun with photos and NOT have to have a bunch of technical experience. 

Look how cute this pup would be on a card or even as a decorative element on a page or project! 

Steps to Get this Look

STEP 1  – Take your photo (or if you already have the photo go to step 2)

STEP 2  – Upload the photo to Canva (From within Canva open a new project, Click Upload and Upload Files, Select the file/image you want to upload)

STEP 3 – Add the image to your project. Making sure the image is selected, click Edit Image.


STEP 4 – In the SEARCH bar type PRISMA
STEP 5 – Click on SNOWFALL
STEP 6 – Click APPLY.
STEP 7 – Save it and use the image in your next project! 

Fun With Photos - Ideas

  • Announcements
  • Cards
  • Gift Tags
  • Birthday Cards 
  • Anniversary Cards
  • Take a photo, apply filter, and have it printed and framed as a gift
  • Frame the photo to add color and whimsy to your space! 
  • Add a photo to your desktop or phone

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