Fathers day card ideas and template

Father’s Day Card Print and Make

Father's day cards are expensive!

So, I got a little bit of a shock when I went looking for Father’s Day cards! What? $10? That’s crazy! 

I don’t know why they are so expensive. It’s not like we can actually keep and use them for anything else! I don’t know anyone that saves them for any reason. I’d love to hear what you do with your greeting cards after the big day is over. So, I created some really fun ideast for Father’s Day Cards to Print and Make!

No ideas I could come up with make them worth $10, not even the ones that play music! Yikes! So, I decided we could all use some fun ideas for this Father’s day! After all, if we are going to pay for something we should get some use out of it!

Dads, live everyone else on this planet are all different. Some like tools, some like cars, others like cooking, hiking, hunting, fishing, or puttering in the garage. How can one card cover all of that? 

Easy Solution? We MAKE it! 

The quickest and easiest way to make a card is to take a piece of printer paper and fold it in half. Decorate the cover and have them color a picture on the inside. Simple card, but the child will be delighted with what they’ve created! 

A little more effort goes into the card by taking the full sheet of printer paper and folding it in half and then in half again. It’s a smaller, sturdier card. Decorate the front and write something fun on the inside. 

Look up fun dad card ideas and sayings to make them a little more special. Things like

  • We love you a Latte! (decorate with coffee filters, coffee beans, give a coffee mug etc)
  •  You’re my one and only dad! (give with a #1 Dad mug or tshirt etc)
  • I love you to the moon and stars! (decorate with moons and stars and give with a telescope)
  • 5 (or more) Things I love About My Dad (give a gift upgrading one of those things. For example, if dad is a great cook, is there an appliance he’s been wanting?

Pinterest Boards

Pinterst can be an amazing resource! Well, it used to be. Now it’s pretty spammy and I’ve found many of the pins don’t actually go to anything I can use. 

That said, I still have Pinterest and save stuff to it all the time. I just use the images for inspiration and have fun! 

Here is my  Father’s Day Card Print and Make inspirations board! Just click on a pin to see it. When I saved the pins they were valid, please let me know if you come across on that’s not. Thanks! 

Father's Day Card Print and Make Here!

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