Communication – Love Languages

I love to learn. It rarely matters what I’m learning, it’s all interesting. I really love to learn about people, personalities and why we do what we do. Fascinating! So the thing I’m learning about right now is Love Languages. Oh, I’ve been aware of them before. I knew that some people react better to words than actions and vice versa. I never knew there was a quiz out there to determine which one I was or how to apply it!

I love it when my husband plans out a trip for us. He researches where we are going, when we are going, how we are going and what we will see. These little adventures just leave my bucket over flowing with feeling loved. I always thought my love language was quality time because of these little outings. According to the quiz, it’s actually acts of service! When he spends so much time putting this together and planning it for me, that’s what makes me feel whole! I just love it. You can talk to me all you want, although I appreciate being told I’m doing a good job, it doesn’t fire me up. I’m not being cold or anything, it just doesn’t do for me what I know it does for some. Now, if you were to take my car and wash it for me, oh wow! THAT fills my love tank right up! 🙂 I love how God has made us all so differently. It’s just plain fascinating.

Everyone has their own love language and when others ‘talk’ to us in that language, we feel appreciated. I think this is an important part of any relationship. If you don’t feel appreciated, I’ll bet your partner has a different love language! Theirs might be acts of service so they do things for you all the time, but that isn’t yours so it leaves you feeling left out or ignored because what you really need is quality time!

What is your love language?


The link is safe, I’ve shared it a LOT!

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