DIY Outdoor Spray

DIY Outdoor Spray Recipe


Citronella always make me think of summer nights, camping, fishing and all things outdoors! We always had those bug repellent torches burning or the little candles to help keep the pesky critters away when I was growing up! Do you remember those?

Now I like to turn to more natural products, so no more store bought torches for me! It’s such a sign of summer when out comes the Citronella, Lemongrass and Peppermint for this amazing Outdoor Spray, AKA DIY Floating Candle!

It’s the perfect, and wonderful smelling, way to add a peacdful ambiance to your favorite summer activities and I can pronounce all of the ingredients!

Simply mix it all in an empty spray bottle, shake really well and spritz your tent, balcony, deck, patio chairs, hammock, sleeping bag, and I always spray my shoes and backpack!

DIY Outdoor Spray (AKA Floating Candle)


Combine all above ingredients in an empty spray bottle and shake like crazy before spraying. 

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Anxiety – Real or just a feeling?

Most days I’m pretty upbeat and take life as it comes. Some days though, some days just stomp on me. Sunday was one of those days. Although the sun was shining, I felt the day was gloomy. My heart was heavy, I was on the verge of tears and just really struggled through the day.

Did anything happen to cause this heavy reaction? No, not really.
My whole being felt weighted down.
Do you ever feel that way? If so, what do you do to get around it?

First thing I did was thank God for all of my blessings. Once I get started, it’s easy to really get a long list going! We have so much to be thankful for. We have a home with heat, running water, A/C, a washer and dryer, a full fridge and a working stove. We live in a quiet neighborhood, well except for all of the dogs. We have big, bright windows that let the sunshine in and keep the bugs out. We have beds and blankets and clothes and shoes and toilet paper and shampoo and coffee. Several kinds of coffee! So much to be thankful for and listing it out helped, but it didn’t go away. What’s bringing me down?

I grabbed my essential oils and diffused Joy and that helped. I put Highest Potential in my diffuser necklace and that helped too. The nagging feeling still hung with me though. More like a shadow than a thunderstorm now, but still ominous.

Do you ever get days like that? Where you either wake up feeling overwhelmed or it hits you all of a sudden during the day?

I need to start sharing again. I need to reach out to people. Your stories inspire me! Do you know how much I love hearing where you’ve been, what you have going on and about your pictures? I love seeing the layouts. I really love it when you need help finding that just right title, poem, or how to journal your event.

I have two big events going on right now. The first is that I’m working on completing my Aroma Freedom Technique certification. That is the most amazing protocol using aromatherapy and coaching to work through emotional blocks. It goes hand in hand with my Young Living essential oil business as it uses only Young Living oils and I’ve seen some really amazing breakthroughs in people! It is so inspiring for me!

The second is that I have decided to start sharing on here and with my writing and creativity again. I need a community to come alongside and work with me. Is that you? Are you looking to get your photos into albums and want to share or need help? Come join us at https://www.facebook.com/scrapwithtam. I also have the website www.scrapwithme.com, but I’m not sure how to use it. I like that we can all share and encourage each other through FB, so I’m going to put more energy there.

Please let me know what you think and where you’re from. Would a contest help encourage participation? How about a sample of my favorite oil?

Now, you might be asking, what in the world does anxiety and scrapbooking have in common? When I’m being creative, whether writing or scrapping, I feel joy and my bucket is way to full to let any negativity in. I need to fill my bucket 🙂

Picture of I am Thankful For paper piecing


Multi Photo Sketch used for Crossword Layout

I just spent a lovely day with my beautiful daughter and her 90 year old grandmother in law. This amazing woman is one of the kindest and most sincere people I know. She is gentle and caring and loved being the center of attention today. I’m home now and contemplating the wisdom she has obtained over her life. Ninety is quite the accomplishment. I find myself wanting to spend time with her and learn from her.

My own grandmothers are gone and neither were very good at sharing or discussing much other than the weather or maybe their garden. I would love to sit with them and hear their childhood stories, what brought them joy and what wisdom they would like to leave for future generations. It’s not possible though.

They didn’t leave a diary or journal of any kind. They didn’t talk much and both died fairly young. Social media has done a lot of good in that people can communicate quicker and share more. It has also reduced the art of communication to smiley faces and hearts. When was the last time you sat and talked?

I took the time this past weekend to actually schedule time with some people that I wanted to get to know better. I put away my phone and listened. It was amazing. I’m going to do it more often. It’s so easy to get caught up in the world and in the craziness. Work takes up a huge chunk of our day and so does sleep. What do you do with the rest of it? Do your race to the weekend to get the yard done, the garage cleaned, the shopping finished so you are ready for Monday so you can complain all week that you can’t wait for Friday?


Smell the roses.
See the bees, dragonflies, tiny little flowers and the smiles of the children around you.
Take time to make a date with someone you care about.
Take a walk
Make a to do or want to do list and actually start it

Drink some Thieves tea 🙂
1cup hot water
1 drop Thieves
2 drops orange
1 drop lemon
Honey to taste

I use ONLY Young Living essential oils as I’m confident in their purity and rely on them for my family.  To learn more, just click here: http://bit.ly/2gD5eBR

Multi Photo Sketch used for Crossword Layout
Multi Photo Sketch used for Crossword Layout

This layout sketch would make a fun and whimsical FAMILY layout!

What crosswords can you think of?

  • Down Suffer – Across Family 😉 
  • Down Softer – Across Family
  • Down Father – Across Tactic
    • Timely
    • Toasty

Busy Year

What do you do when you aren’t feeling creative but you need to get a project done? What are your tricks?

To kickstart my creative juices I love to write out ideas, then I think about them. I let them roll around in my head for a while. When I’m not stuck, they just come pouring out!!! So I ten to send huge emails to my BFF full of ideas! Then I save that for later when I need ideas.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about dream journals. Do you journal your dreams? Do you journal your ideas, desires and wishes?

I love journaling. Writing is definitely my favorite creative  outlet. I also love to be out with my camera taking pictures of everything. I love angles and old building and trees and bugs and animals and babies and sunsets and water…. you get the picture.

When I’m feeling stuck I sit and write out what I love to do. Then I look through my list and write HOW I love to do it. So in my list would be photography. I would then list under that how I love to use it. I love, love, love to give families family photos. Especially families that can’t afford them. So, under photography I list Family Shoots.

Once I have a good list I go back through and hilight the ones that I feel a spark of excitement over. I pick three and I list HOW I’m going to do them. For photography I could go to families at church and tell them how much I love taking family photos and ask if we can meet at the park. I could make a post on Facebook in the trader/garage sale groups. I could go to the Y and tell them what I want to do. Then I ACT.

That’s the important thing. You must pick one thing and act on it.

If you need a little Inspiration, here you go 🙂
Now ACT!