ScrapWithMe Is Mine Again!

Well, I did it! For those that have been following me for a while, you know I developed and branded scrapwithme.com when I was sharing my ideas and layouts with my yahoo group, ScrapbookingClasses in 2007. I enjoyed that so much and it really filled my bucket.

However, life got crazy and I had to step back from a few things. The group and classes was at the top of the list to let go of. I was sad, but just didn’t have the time anymore. Someone else swooped in and grabbed the domain from me. Out of the blue a few weeks ago I thought to check and see where it was at and saw that it would expire and be available on Aug 21 of this year! Guess what I just did? YEP, it’s mine again!! I bought the domain back. Now I need to find a FREE webpage authoring software to build the page with. I think I also need to find somewhere to host it. Any suggestions?

I want to be able to upload my sketches, articles and maybe even videos. Who do you use?

What would you expect to find on scrapwithme.com ?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Birthday ThatsScrapInc.com !

ThatsScrapInc.com is having a birthday! If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet, I highly advise it. It’s a great newsletter with store news, product reviews and the exciting news going on with the store and the designers.

To view this months newsletter, just click on the pic to the right. Many of the designers are offering a BOGO this month! I won’t be able to participate due to personal commitments that will keep me to busy.

I LOVE the new product Sherri is carrying now to hold the Stickles! As any of my followers and class attendees can verify, I adore stickles!

Just wanted to let ya’ll know about this fun newsletter and wish ThatsScrapInc.com a Happy Birthday!

Kreativ Blogger Award (April 2009)

Thank You Olenka from Scrapin life for awarding me the Kreativ Blog Award!
The rules for this award are as follows

1. Add the logo to your blog
2. Link to the person from whom you’ve received the awards
3. Nominate eight blogs of your choice
4. Leave a message on the nominees blogs

I have nominated the following as Kreativ bloggers:
8. Esther’s Creative Designs

Congratulations! You definitely are Kreativ Bloggers! Thanks for sharing with us!

Cruise – FREE Classes

Ok, so far we have the following classes/projects/activities set up for the cruise:

  1. Tear Bear make and take including all supplies and tools needed to make your tear bear! by Esther K of EsthersCreativeDesigns
  2. Cruise Layout with title and cruise ship paper piecing by Tammey B
  3. Stampin Up Card workshop with Linda S
  4. Iris Folding
  5. Cruise group photo layout
  6. How to make a paper peicing from scratch
  7. Decorate your door challenge with prize
  8. Bingo
  9. Open Crop and use of shared tools
  10. Island Excursions with plenty of photo ops!
  11. And so much more!!!!

Be sure to get your registration form in ASAP! We do have a few spots left, but this is on a first come first serve basis and ONLY those that register using this registration form will be able to attend any of the group events. Anyone can join the cruise, but only those with an SBC Cruise badge will get into the events 🙂

The registration form says March, but we got an extension and a few extra rooms that we were able to book at this fabulous price. Hurry though as there are only a couple of rooms still available!!

Read more here: http://www.tammeybrown.com/SBCCruise2010.html

CRUISE 2010 – Spots open

Wow, things have really moved along quickly!!! We have half a dozen FREE classes lined up for the cruise so far and we are working on more! Right now there is a Stampin’ Up card making class by Linda S, tear bear making class (with kit and tools) by Esther K, Cruise layout class (with cruise ship paper piecing [my cruise ship cutter file cut] & title supplied) by Tammey B, challenges, games, prizes, free t-shirt and so much more!!!

This price includes your cabin, food, entertainment, 24 hour a day crop space, inspiration, photo ops, a group photo, and so much more! I am SO excited! So grab your family and join us on this 7 day, fun filled, sun filled, exciting cruise!! The best thing is, it’s a whole year away so you have plenty of time to plan!

We will be coordinating with the cruise attendees on what tools they are bringing in order to minimize luggage. For example, if I bring my CraftRobo, then I will share it and someone else thinking about bringing theirs can bring a different tool instead 🙂

So far we have 27 registered to go. This will be great fun!!! Make sure you get your registration form in ASAP.

For more information, you can visit http://tammeybrown.com/SBCCruise2010.html

Tammey Brown

Fargo Flooding Pics 2009

These photos are NOT lakes or beaches. This is ALL farmland south of Fargo under a whole lot of flood water.


I have been forced to take a break from scrapbook blogging. I live in Fargo, ND and we are experiencing some very serious flooding. The Red River flows through Fargo and north to Canada. Normally this river is about 14′ deep. Right now Red is 40 feet deep and climbing! So if you’ve missed us on the national news, Good Morning America, the Today Show and more – just google Fargo Flooding 2009 to see the devastation.

For more flood photos be sure to visit my photo a day blog at: http://tammeybrown365.blogspot.com/

or http://cbrown47.blogspot.com/

Fargo Flooding 2009

Would you like to know what’s going on around us? Here in Fargo we deal with a lot of spring run off every year, however, we don’t usually have this much water! We did in ’97, but this isn’t as bad of weather, just as bad of water and run off. In this photo you see a backhoe building up the dike. This is a dirt mound follow a road between downtown Fargo and the quickly rising river. You can just see the river to the right of this photo. The water WILL reach up and lap at the top of this dirt wall.

Fargo Flood Cam is HERE – Now realize what you are viewing is downtown Fargo and that normally you don’t even notice the water there! It’s a tiny little river wayyyy down 30′ + lower than it is now!!

3-25-09Good Morning America (March 25, 2009) http://abcnews.go.com/GMA Go to videos and click on Fargo Flooding. Story is http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory?id=7166172

I’ve compiled a few links for those emailing me and asking me about the situation:

Newsletter – Good idea or bad?

I’m seriously considering putting together a monthly newsletter from my blog. I would do a blog hilight, a project, showcase one of my files, have a challenge, and I’m not sure what else. What do you think? Any comments? Any readers out there? lol

Let me know

Comments are the ONLY way I know I have readers and any interest at all. Anybody out there?