25 Days of Christmas Photo Ideas

25 Days of Christmas Challenge

Race, Shop, Wrap, Rush, Bake, Gone!

Ever find yourself excited about the holidays and then racing to get the shopping done, get from one concert to the next, off to this party and then to that one. Then there are the office parties, cookie exchanges, Christmas programs, volunteering, wrapping presents, more shopping, and more baking! Do you struggle with Christmas photo ideas?

Do you ever find yourself mid-January and realize all of those great photo ideas you had been saving all year on Pinterest went unused?!

Photo Prompts and Fun!

Each day from December 1 – 25 I’ll share a theme of the day with potential ideas to stop and get a photo or two of the people, furkids (pets), and things you love about the holidays!

These ideas are meant to inspire and encourage! It’s fun to plan photo ops around ideas and themes that can take a simple afternoon sipping hot cocoa up a notch to a delightful Hot Cocoa Party!

Calendar of Ideas

Day 1 - Take photos of the tree before, during and after decorating.
Get close up with the lights on - especially of family heirloom or extra special ornaments!

NOTE: Just as dusk is settling in, but it's not dark yet, is a great time to get those pics!
Day 2 - Take photos of  Special Ornaments, CloseUps of  Hanging Ornaments or decorations Downtown! Or even Making Ornaments

(Photo shown here We made cinnamon ornaments and they smelled
so good!)
Day 3 - Take photos of Making Gingerbread houses or cookies, visiting local Santa Village with large Gingerbread men, In Gingerbread themed PJ's or Sweaters
Day 4 - Take photos of Making Snowmen, Baking snowmen treats,
Snowman themed gifts, Snowball fights, Snowball Ball/Dance,
Snowman/Snowball Themed Party, or Snowing/Snowflakes
Day 5 - Take photos of 
- Making or enjoying  your favorite holiday drink (eggnog, hot chocolate and marshmallows, hot buttered rum, Kahlua), Sharing with friends and family, Favorite mugs/glasses
Day 6 - Take photos of 
- Writing a letter to Dear Santa
- Creating a Wish List 
- Coloring Santa
- Santa Craft(s)
- Santa Decorations

NOTE: When scrapbooking be sure to add their Dear Santa or wish list to the layout. They are so precious to look back on and share with others!
Day 7 - Take photos of 
- Elves are known for being Santa's Helper. Plan events and take pics of being Santa's helper delivering treats, gifts, helping neighbors etc.
-Elf on the Shelf
- Watch as you shop and play for Santa's Elves and grab a few pics with them!
- Elf PJ's, Costume, Hats
Day 8 - Everyone I know has a favorite Christmas movie. What's yours?
- Take a photo enjoying that movie
- Dressed as one of the characters
-Plan a party around that theme!
- Is it on the marquee?
25 Days of Christmas Challenge
25 Days of Christmas Challenge
25 Days of Christmas Challenge
Take photos of 
- Take a selfie in front of the tree, wrapping gifts, or hanging ornaments
-How about with Santa!
-With your favorite people
- In your favorite place
- Making gifts
- With your favorite movie playing in the background
- Don't wait. I hate my photo taken, but I hate NOT having any of me with my loved ones even more! So, here I am!

Halloween 2009

We had so much fun taking Skyler out this year. We planned on taking him to Zoo Boo at the Chahinkapa zoo in Wahpeton, but they got a LOT of snow last night so it was moved over to the middle school. All they did was have the kids walk down the hall getting candy. It was lame lol

Today though, they guys got all scary and we went to the mall (which was super-super packed!), then to Krolls for a bite and then out trick-or-treating the neighborhood! Skyler made a killing. Everyone just loved how creepy Skyler and Chris looked.

What great memories and I can’t wait to scrap them!

Bunny Hutch

Gingerbread House, Cottage, Christmas Cottage, Candy Cabin

Many of you have seen my gingerbread house file. It is one of my favorites.

Christmas Cottage

This is a photo of the cutter file as a Gingerbread house. Thank you so much Kristal, for such a fun little bunny hutch!!!

I might just have to make a layout using your idea!!!

Bunny Hutch

Kristal (being the very creative person that she is!) didn’t just see a gingerbread house! She had some amazing ideas for this file! Visit her blog (TheScrappinGypsy at http://www.yourgypsygirl.blogspot.com/) to read them all.

Her wonderful and creative ideas made me see this file in a whole new way! I just love what she did here and how cute are those bunnies?!!
Here you see her very adorable bunny hutch using my gingerbread house cutter file! 

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