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Setting Goals

Setting goals can be pretty overwhelming. There is so much to work on sometimes, right? We, as a society, are just plain busy. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, email, texting, blogs, news and so much more! We are constantly being bombarded with information! It can be overwhelming. My outlet has always been being creative. When I’m creating …

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Knowing Me

Do you ever get the feeling it’s just time for a change, that doing what you’ve been doing just isn’t working anymore? I’m there. I am not talking about moving or change in relationships or anything, I really enjoy: Working with people Writing Problem solving Feeling like I’ve accomplishing something My strengths are definitely Writing/Communication …

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Sharing AFT (Aroma Freedom Technique) is as much a blessing to me as to those receiving it. Every time. This past week I was able to help two friends that I care deeply for. Seeing the burden lifted from their shoulders and knowing they left with more hope than they walked in with lifted me …

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