Building a cutter team

Well, I’ve reached that point where I can’t do it all and I need to develop a cutter team. I frequently put off designing files because I know I won’t have time to cut them. Then, I lose the file idea! I’m looking for a team of five.

1 – You must have the desire, experience and time to be able to cut at least three – six files a month (you’ll pick them). Please realize I do NOT work with simple diecuts. Make sure you are familiar with my style before requesting to join my team.

2 – You will have access to my newest files free of charge.

3 – You cut the file and assemble it in one week. Then embellish or use it as desired. Take a photo of the completed project/file and email the photo to me.

4 – In accepting to be a part of my design team, you give me permission to use the photos of the finished files on my blog, in my store and on my web site. You may then keep the cutter file for your personal use as desired.

5 – I will expect feedback on each file. I will be looking for how it cut, ways to improve it, items that might be added etc. You must be comfortable being honest with me and helping me improve the files.

I will be looking for five members, each one with a different machine. (KNK, Wishblade/CraftRobo/Silhouette, Cricut etc) You must be able to cut one of the following file types: gsd, knk, ai, eps, svg

If you are interested in joining my cutter team, please contact me at tammeys at yahoo dot com

Thank you!