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My Favorite New Planner!

This is the best planner I’ve ever owned and I own a lot of planners! It’s crazy. If I see one somewhere that I like, I get it. And add it to my pile at home.

However, I ordered a planner this year that I’m so in love with I just have to tell you about it!

The Cover of the Weekly/Monthly Planner

Best Planner (Cover)
  • The cover has a really elegant texture. It is soft but sturdy and FEELS nice!
  • There’s an elastic closure that wraps around it to keep it closed and a loop to hold your pen.
  • Inner Pocket to hold notes, receipts, etc
  • TWO place saver ribbons!

A Glimpse Inside

Photo of the month tab stickers that come free with this planner
Comes With Stickers
Photo of one of the daily planner pages
Off White, Thicker Paper
Month Stickers worked great!
  • The gorgeous, thick paper makes this planner a joy to write in!
  • Weekly AND Monthly pages
  • Nice big boxes to write in the month page
  • Easy to follow lines to write in for the daily pages

Surprising Extras

  • It came in a beautiful gift box!
  • There are colorful stickers that come with it to easily add a tab to the month! The sticker was easy to lift back off the page and straighten out right away 🙂

Using It

This planner is as beautiful to use as it is to look at! The pages are off white and made for writing on.

At the back are blank lined pages that would work great for journaling, note-taking, lists, recipes or whatever you want.

The last page is a map with states, capitals and times zones.

I know the video is a little rough, but it wasn’t planned. I was just so excited by how beautiful and practical this planner was that I couldn’t wait to share!

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