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Baseball Layout

Simple Layout - Baseball / T-Ball

This is a great time to get to those projects you’ve been putting off, including your scrapbooks! 

Here are some fun and easy to follow layouts and sketches to inspire and encourage you to get your photos in albums. 

This layout has four rectangle photo boxes and one round one and a journal box for documenting the story. Then a metalic pen was used to write fun baseball terms and fill in the empty background.

Baseball Layout Titles

Summer Fun
Team Spirit
Bases Loaded
Foul Ball

Grand Slam
Angels in the Outfield
Batter Up
Game Day
Hey Batter Batter
Little Big League
Little Slugger
Fly Ball

Lil’ Slugger
Play Ball
Rookie of the Year
Stealing Second
Have a Ball
Batter Up

Little League Sketch

HINT: The small baseballs in the corners could be stickers, more photos or simply cut out circles and draw the baseball stitching in. To add depth and dimension to the layout, use layers alternating solids with pattern paper. This type of layout would be a great place to use up busy pattern paper you don’t like as you really just need it to border the photos.

Also, here is a pattern to make an accordian baseball/circle that would fit well where the large circle photo is. This was saved in my files from years ago, so I don’t know who to credit. If you know, please contact me as I love this file!