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Alice in Wonderland Layout

This Alice in Wonderland themed layout post is actually from 2009 – BEFORE the fun stuff we have now. I’ve updated a few things throughout the post and shared links to fun downloads and ideas! 


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There are amazing Wonderland, Tea Part, Garden Party, Whimsical custom designed printable artwork available on Creative Fabrica that would be amazing in this type of layout!
Alice In Wonderland Layout Demonstration

Using your tear ruler (ruler with jagged edges for tearing paper), tear one strip of the pattern paper with larger dots to  4″ wide giving you a jagged strip that’s 4×12″.

Using your straight trimmer and the remainder of the paper, cut a straight edge 4″ behind the torn edge to create a second border piece.

Do the same with the yellow, except you want it to be 2.75″ – you’ll need two of these.

Tear a border 1.5″ and using your straight trimmer create a second one.

Note from Tammey – Look at these adorable, printable images that would be perfect for any Alice in Wonderland, garden party, or tea party themed layout! 

Simply download and print what you want to add whimsical fun to your page! Or use the digital elements for your next project!


Adhere the large piece down first close to the left edge of your border, but with some of the background paper showing through. Now adhere the middle piece to the middle of that piece. Do the same with the smallest piece. You should have a three tiered border like shown in the video. Do the same for the other side.

Cut your photo matte from the yellow left over. Make them 6.5X4.5″
Cut 4.25 x 6.25 from the small dotted paper
Adhere the small dotted paper to the center of the yellow paper

From the second piece of coordinating paper cut two mattes 4.5×6.5 and using your ink, run the pad gently along the edges.

Apply your stickers or images and the title.

Add your photos.

Don’t forget to journal the who, what, when, where and why! 

Here is a very quick little video I uploaded when I made this layout. Please keep in mind, this was over ten years ago! Hope it inspires you!

Digital Layout

This layout was done in Canva using digital elements from Bona Designs but there are other amazing files available! Click below to view them.

Check out these amazing printable, downloadable FUN projects!

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