Wow, this page is much more difficult that I thought it would be! Do I share the regular stuff like I’m a married, mom, entrepreneur, scrapbooker, photographer, family historian, geek, blogger, author, friend, coach, mentor and so much more. 

I was born in Utah to a very large and disfunctional family and moved to Montana and a fairly young age, so that’s where I call home. I love everything about the mountains! I currently reside in the beautiful state of Minnesota and spend a lot of my day on the computer, which is how all of this got started! 

I attended the University of Montana for a computer related degree and loved it so much, I went back for a degree in education. I love to teach! There is something so fulfilling about watching someone light up when they grasp a new concept! It really fires me up and encourages me to do more! 

I’m inspired by others. I’m inspired to share when they are seeking solutions. I’m inspired to create when their is a need for a creation. I’m inspired to connect when a connection is sought. 

I’m inspired to write, because I love to write. I love the tap of my fingers on the keyboard and I love the thought of someone, somewhere, sometime, reading something I’ve written and acting on it. So, I share 🙂 

My Passion

My passion. Wow, this one made me think. My passion is to be blessed to be able to come alongside another person and encourage, uplift, and strengthen them through thought, action and connection. 

How do I do this? In 2007 I found myself wanting to learn more about the art of scrapbooking. I didn’t really know anyone that created scrapbooks outside of how Creative Memories demonstrated it. I wanted more. For one thing, I very quickly discovered cutting photos with circle cutters is never a good idea and second, I am not very good at being told I can’t do something. 😉

So, I went to the internet. This was years before social media was birthed, but we did have Yahoo groups. I made an amazing friend in one such group, her name is Esther. We quickly became very good friends and together we started the ScrapBookingClasses Yahoo Group. It rapidly grew to well over 1,000 members! I loved it!

In that group I discovered in me a love of being the one with the solution. If a member wanted to learn how to do something and I didn’t know how, I learned how, practiced it, and then taught it! That philosphy shaped the group.

MOTTO: ScrapbookingClasses – Learn it, Share it, Pass it along!
We have classes (via webcam), techniques and instruction for the novice to advanced scrapbooker. A wealth of information at your fingertips.  

With social groups becoming so popular, and especially FaceBook, that little Yahoo group slowly faded away. 

The impact it had on me, and many others, was profound! We connected from all corners of this big, beautiful globe and it was amazing. 

I’m still friends with many of the more active members from that group, although it is through FaceBook now 🙂 

My passion was given wings by that fantastic group of people. I found myself so inspired by their stories, their why, their love of family and friends, and their desire to save it all in albums. 

They shared what they were working on and needed help with and I was inspired to learn and share it back with them. 

The most impactful story from that time period was during the first year of that group. During the fall of that year I began using Yahoo chat and my webcam to demonstrate a unique layout or craft once a week. I created a pdf of instructions, developed templates and even took photos of the craft or layout in progress and I would post that to the group. So, here’s the part that changed me forever. 

I found myself exhausted, overworked, and busy raising a family. It was sometime after the holidays, so end of January or maybe early February. I got an email. At first I thought it was spam and was going to delete it, but something stopped me. 

It was from the daughter of one of the group members. This young mom was thanking me for what I did in the group. She went on to tell me that her mother worked diligently on her album each week as I shared via webcam, she would work on the pages. I’m a huge advocate for people writing, yes – actually hand writing – in their albums. So this member created a layout a week, added photos and then handwrote on the page. 

The daughter of the member was writing to let me know her mother had passed, but not before gifting her and her young daughter a beautiful album full of memories and the members handwritten notes. 

I cried tears of amazement and overwhelming joy. In that moment, I found my passion. I had connected with a complete stranger and through what I was willing to share, she created a priceless gift for her family. 

That. That’s my passion. 

My Goals

To change the world. No? Ok, how about get a good, hot cup of coffee and create? Yep, it is as simple as that. 

I used to dismiss my immense love for creating on the computer and in my craft space because ‘everyone does it’ and because ‘it’s easy’. Recently though, I have been paying attention to what people share in crafting, blogging, and other groups. Some people really struggle with inspiration, ideas, and even techniques. I don’t, so I want to share my abundance. For me, this is all great fun and brings me joy. From that one email I learned that touching ONE life is worth it. 

So, if I inspire one person to create in a way they might not have, then all of this is worth it. 

My goal – create.