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I am so excited as I’ve reached a point where I just KNOW something new is coming!!! I’ve been seriously contemplating what I love to do, and I’ve got a good list going! 

I LOVE to: 
  • Scrapbook – saving of memories is one of my favorite activities! For myself and for others. 
  • Journaling – there is so much enjoyment to encouraging others to journal and write out there thoughts and stories! So much fun!!
  • I love to create! I enjoy cerating instructional how to’s! It is so much fun! 
  • I love sharing. Period. 
  • I enjoy creating fun things for others to use.
  • I super love helping others by solving a problem. 
So, I’ve put it out there that I’m ready for the change. I’m ready for whatever is coming to me, but I don’t know what it is yet! 
I really enjoyed teaching a new, unique layout every week in my Yahoo group. That was really fun. I do miss that group and the tribe that shared so freely! That was so much fun! 
I loved creating little files for people to be able to create paper piecings with and without cutter mahines. I still own and I have it pointing to the FaceBook group, for now anyway.  
I’m in the process of cleaning up my harddrive and came across a bunch of files that I created for that Yahoo group (ScrapBookingClasses) and I’m so excited as I’m going to start sharing them through the FB group! I think that will be really fun 🙂 
Everyone is welcome to join me in the group and enjoy the shares! I LOVE feedback and really enjoy helping others, so come on over and jump on in!! 

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