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Vision Board Workshop

I am so excited to announce my first Vision Board Workshop! It’s the perfect collaboration of everything I love and will be hosted by

What is a Vision Board? Great question! I remember doing them in school, do you? My class cut out grandiose pictures of mansions and fancy cars with high power people standing next to them. We announced to the world that we wished, therefore we could expect it. Right? Frankly, I always hated making those boards! Even as a 5th grader I thought they were ridiculous because I felt it was a huge lie. I knew that the likelihood of me growing up and having a mansion, fancy car, being tall and gorgeous AND having a great job were one in a trillion. Not that I thought less of myself, I thought it of everyone in my class. If it were that easy, everyone would do it. Therefore, it must be very difficult and that lessened the odds. I also knew that I was one of nine children from a blue collar family and, although it wasn’t impossible to have a good job and a nice car, I’d been to a new school every semester my whole school career. I was shy and awkward and had zero knowledge of the professional world, investing, money or how to manage a business.

I tell you all of this because I had an epiphany recently. Wow, 2017 brought so much change and growth into my life! Anyway, back to my epiphany. We go after what we focus on. Tada! There you go. My great knowledge of 2017. When I’m working towards something I meditate on what I want, I focus, think about, plan, look for it and I work towards it. A vision board didn’t make sense. I thought of it as putting pretty pictures on a large, ugly poster board and writing fancy dreams all over it and then sticking it in a closet somewhere.

  • Mistake 1: I put it in a closet and then tossed it sometime later
  • Mistake 2: I didn’t understand the power of seeing my desires in color and shape every day
  • Mistake 3: I never took it seriously

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. I’ve always wanted to build a house. I knew it was in my future so I thought about it, planned for it in my head, waited for it and then when the nudge came to start looking; I did. We then built a house in a quiet little neighborhood. That took me 20 years to manifest. How much quicker would it have been had I drawn out the house I wanted, added to it as  I went and put it on a vision board for me to wake up and immediately look at every single day?

WOW – BOOM! There it is. That’s the why of a vision board. It’s not to dream silly, but to plan and act on what we actually want and that’s the piece I was missing all these years. Sitting here writing this I had a vision come into my head of someone in a flat bottomed boat pulling on a rope tied to the shore. They are trying to cross a muddy bog so they pull on the rope and get a little closer to shore. Pull again and get a little closer. That’s me now. I see the shore and move towards it a little each day by focusing on what I want and SEEING it. Same vision transitioned to me sitting in the same boat, but waiting for the wind and what little water there was to move me towards the shore. UGHHH How silly I feel. The whole time all I had to do was pick up the rope!

Now to the fun part of this post. I learned a great lesson and now I want to share my enthusiasm and energy with all of you! I’m hosting a vision board workshop. Anyone is welcome to join, just go to the link below and it will take you right to my free group.
Click on events and click going. It’s that simple. I will post to the event different encouraging ideas and reminders. Then the night of the event I’ll turn on my webcam and we’ll walk through everything I’ve learned and create our very own vision board full of love and encouragement and possibility!

I’m writing a workshop, goal finding activity and will be posting fun memes, quotes and ideas the whole week! To get the goal finding worksheet simply go to and post on the wall that you’d like a copy.

Hope to see you there!

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