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Anger issues or tired of feeling rejected?

I had the most amazing AFT session today! There is a young man in my inner circle that was struggling. I talked to mom and dad and they set up an appt for him. He got here, we sat down and chatted and I asked him (like I do everyone) “What do you want?” Like a good boy he said he wanted his family happy. Awww, I knew that was so true and I just wanted to hug him.

So we kept talking and I encouraged him that I really wanted to learn about him and what he wanted. We got to an answer and he easily went through the process. I watched this amazing little guy and saw the shift in him. I’m so very thankful for the path that brought me here. I’ve experienced this shift in so many people I care about and that has been a huge blessing to me. I’ve worked with kids, moms, grandma’s uncles, dads, and business owners. You know what they all had in common? They were all people wanting more out of life.

Here is a challenge for you. List what you like. You just found out you have Thursday and Friday off and paid and you were handed $1,000. What would you do? What would you buy? Who would you spend it with? Ok, list the things you would enjoy. Eating out? Reading? Painting? DIYing? Is that a word? Writing? Scrapbooking? Chatting with friends or family?

Are you doing those things during the week anyway or does it require a special time set aside for it? What’s stopping you from enjoying life and adding more of this into your week or your day?

If you aren’t doing ‘it’, why not?

I am so exhausted. I go to work, come home, and plop on the couch. I can’t wait to go to bed and I dred getting up in the morning. My first thought of the day is for a cup of coffee. I want to tell my boss about that thing, but I’m too afraid. I wish I could talk to people. I wish I knew how to get past this issue.

I wish…..
I want to…..
I don’t want to……

Yeah, that was me at one time. It’s not now and I can thank Jesus, Young Living oils and AFT for the change. Instead of I wish I …. I think to myself, what do I want? Why don’t I have that? And I figure it out! I allow myself to tell me!

I’ve done hundreds of sessions now. There is a pattern. Time and time again it comes back to feeling rejected or not being supported. It silences, beats down, discourages, causes anger and loneliness. What if you aren’t actually afraid of failure, but of success? What if you don’t actually hate talking to people, but you have deep seated fear of rejection? Once you know what it is, it’s so much easier to acknowledge it and let it go.

I wish… for you to have confidence
I want to …. help you
I don’t want to ….. not offer this amazing tool because I’m fearful of being rejected or mocked

Our God is so amazing and he planned our whole universe with intention! Everything has an energy and impacts something else, on purpose!! Wow, that is so mind boggling to me!! I was watching an aquarium on YouTube (Yeah, I was literally sitting there watching fish swim on my tv 😉 As I watched some jellyfish, beautiful, amazing, delicate little jellyfish swam by. Their graceful moves were so mesmerizing. Then a school of bright orange fish came on the screen and darted all at the same second away from something off camera. As ONE they moved away from danger! The scene then changes to stunning coral and the tiny creatures hiding in it. This is all done in our massive ocean away from all eyes. It all works in unison to keep this planet going. Each one building on the other, right down to the tiniest of tiny! He knew those tiny shrimp would need something to eat and that there would be other things to eat them. He joyously created our whole universe for us to bloom in!

And I know he created the plants that went into the oils to make the blends that make AFT work. And it’s stunning. It is my prayer that you find what works for you to best help you move forward and out of bondage. God loves you. He knows exactly who you are, what your hangups are and where you are. He knows what you’ve been through. He knows all and he loves you and desires peace and joy for you.

I want the same.

Mathew 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

Because you are loved and you are worth it. 

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