Who is influenced by you?

You never know who you will be influenced by or who will influence you. My older sister passed away many years ago and I still miss her deeply. I miss her laugh and the amazing way she had to encourage all of those around her. She had such a big personality and an even bigger heart and she loved with so much passion and energy. Although she had about a dozen siblings between her parents multiple marriages, she took the time to keep in touch with all of us and all of our cousins! She would call just to chat and then keep me up to date on everything happening in the family. I admired her greatly. I respected how devoted she was to all of us and how she made it a priority to contact each of us and check in. She was such a positive influence in my life.

I also learn from those that influence me in other ways. There is the person I looked up to and thought I wanted to emulate, until I spent a great deal of time around them. Whew! I learned quickly and deeply to recognize those attributes in myself that mirrored hers and I began to work on changing them. Although they were a defense mechanism and something I had labeled as me being strong, they were not. They were selfishly driven and unkind. Once I saw them for what they really were in her, I was able to recognize them in me and let them go. It was difficult dealing with the remorse and shame I felt once I saw the behaviors for what they were. Everytime I found myself moving towards that shared behavior I would recall her and how awful it was from the outside. This quickly caused me to choose a different way of responding.

My point is, we all have positive and negative in our lives. We can learn from both just as equally. It’s so easy to see the negative in others while being blinded to it in ourselves. Have you heard the saying, “You are the combination of the five people you spend the most time with.”  or

Who is in your circle of influence? Are they who you want to be? Do they build you up? Do you support and build them up?
How do you find people to build you up? First, believe you are worth it. You have amazing potential and gifts to share with those around you. I came across this brief list at Dash of Wellness
  1. Good friends are respectful
  2. Good friends return the favor
  3. Good friends avoid beating around the bush
  4. Good friends try to avoid gossip (I would change this one by crossing out try)
  5. Good friends stand up for their friends

I thought this was a great list. Friendship can be very difficult in today’s world. We are all so busy and pulled in so many directions. It’s been my experience that friendships are work. I make friends easily, but struggle to keep friendships going. It’s because I am not one to pick up the phone and call, which is why I respected my sister so much for that simple trait! It came so easily to her! I struggle with it. I don’t want to interupt or be a bother. The second reason is, I am actually not very good about sharing me. I feel my struggles are mine and I don’t want to burden someone else with them. So, I don’t. I’ve come to realize that to others that might feel like I’m holding back or standoffish. When in reality I’m aching to share, I just never really learned how.

Do you have an area you would like to work on? Do you have something you want to be better at?   Do you want stronger relationships, that’s a great goal! What one thing would you want to get better at? Ascent Essentials is here for you. Let’s chat.


Sharing AFT (Aroma Freedom Technique) is as much a blessing to me as to those receiving it. Every time. This past week I was able to help two friends that I care deeply for. Seeing the burden lifted from their shoulders and knowing they left with more hope than they walked in with lifted me in ways I can’t even put into words. I have no doubt God is using my life experiences, love for teaching and sharing, and sincere desire to help people to touch lives.

When I share AFT with someone, it’s like I step into myself. What is AFT? It is a 12 step process that uses imagery, guidance from me and strategically placed aroma therapy to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. 

Sounds amazing and fun, right? That’s because it is! 

This world is so full of hurt. So full of anguish and disappointment. My heart breaks ….. It was a beautiful morning. Sun was shining, the bees were bouncing around the yard. As I typed this the clouds moved in and it began to sprinkle! So perfect.

This song is playing: Crowder: Come As You Are

Lay down your burdens
Lay down your shame
All who are broken
Lift up your face

YES!!!!! This is why I do what I do.

Find hope. You are worth it. 

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What is a goal?

Here is what dictionary.com says: 

plural noun: goals
  1. 1.
    (in football, soccer, rugby, hockey, and some other games) a pair of posts linked by a crossbar and often with a net attached behind it, forming a space into or over which the ball has to be sent in order to score.
  2. 2.
    the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

    “going to law school has become the most important goal in his life”

    synonyms: objectiveaimendtargetdesignintentionintentplanpurpose

The object of a person’s ambition or effort, an aim or desired result. So, does ‘I wish my my marriage was better’ qualify as a goal? How about, “I will make more time for my spouse’?

Have you heard of the SMART system
Specific = What do you want? House, car, job, write a book, stronger marriage, better relationships
Measurable =  Can you measure it? Time, dollars, milestones
Attainable = Do you have the resources to achieve it? Time, money, space
Realistic = Can you really reach that goal? I can’t sing, so no matter how much I might want to have a goal of opera singer, it will never happen.
Timed = Set a deadline or date it will be achieved by

I love what informationanthology.net says: “Many people endeavor to reach goals within a finite time by setting deadlines.” According to those definitions, a dream exists only in the mind while a goal exists in the mind but is planned and it has a determined deadline. The first step to create a goal is to have a clear vision of your dream.

Wow. A dream is only in the mind while a goal is planned and has a deadline. If your goal is to be more gentle towards your spouse or children and you think about it and want it, but don’t do anything to move towards it or set a deadline to achieve it, then it is simply a dream.

I want to be a writer, but don’t ever do anything towards it. It’s a dream.
I want to be a writer and make a goal of writing two new blog posts a week. That’s a dream with an action plan! That makes it a goal.

I love to write about family, scrapbooking, goal setting and encouraging others. I’ll write on Monday and Thursday. It’s a plan with a deadline.

Do you have dreams?
Do you have any goals you are working towards? I would love to hear from you.

Barrier Breaking!

I’m super excited to announce my BACK TO SCHOOL special. From now until Sept 31 I’m accepting appointments for the Aroma Freedom Technique. 

This protocol is designed to help you be your best self using a blend of aromatherapy and coaching, the Aroma Freedom Technique releases emotional blocks that prevent you from manifesting your heart’s desires and achieving your dreams.

Supporting you to get from where you are to where you want to be using this 12 step process and Young Living Essential Oils to allow you to gently remove barriers.

In person visits $55.00 using my oils. Online sessions with your YL oils $40.00, but through the month of October take 10% off!!

I accept PayPal, checks and cash.

Feeling Stuck?

I recently completed the study called STUCK by Jennie Allen. MY favorite part was her little cards with questions on them. The last card I drew said: What is God asking you to do that you have been ignoring.

Yikes! The one that came to mind immediately is my desire to write. I have an idea for a small group study, in fact I got it three years ago! I really want to write it. Fear stops me. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, but mostly fear of it being lame like so many of the studies we’ve done. There’s no meat to them because someone might get offended.

Personally, I love growth and shedding the weight of what no longer serves me. It’s one of the things that drew me to AFT (Aroma Freedom Technique). I was invited by a friend at the last minute to attend an introduction. Neither of us knew anything about it. Afterwards I found myself thinking, I want that for everyone I know! I want them to have that amazing experience and find that thing that is stopping them. It was most interesting that what I thought was stopping me, wasn’t. The ‘stuff’ I knew about never even came up. In fact, it was the small stuff.

My goal was, and is, to become an author. During my first AFT session I said my goal, inhaled the oils and listened to my own body. Whispers from my childhood came forward, but not the ones I expected. In the third grade there was a set of twin girls, Michelle and Monique. One was really mean to me and would ridicule me constantly. She came up! I went to school with her for one year. In the third grade! My 6th grade teacher came up. She was a mean spirited little thing that didn’t like my love for big words. I read a lot during those years. Really a lot. As a 6th grader I didn’t know why she was so offended, now I realize that she thought I was being a smarty pants and talking over her on purpose. I wasn’t. It was my normal vocabulary. I was surrounded by readers and very intellectual people at home, so that’s how everyone in my life talked. I also recalled the high school math teacher that told me not to worry about my poor grade. After all, I was just a girl and wouldn’t really ever need math.

As I moved forward through the technique I started getting positive memories that encouraged me. I remembered the teacher that kept my project as an example for future students. My mind brought forward glimpses of me tutoring my peers in college as we finished our computer degree.

After that first session I felt so empowered and unburdened! I didn’t know what to expect from that introduction. I never expected a life changing experience though! I sought out the source of this technique and signed up to become a practitioner. Since then I’ve led dozens of people through the technique and have been so very blessed to watch them become empowered and unburdened. From the 14 year old getting bullied that realized he was in control to the 80 year old woman that found her voice again and regained her confidence to stand up for herself. They have all been…. oh if that 6th grade teacher could see me now. I can’t find a big enough word to encompass how fantastic it has been to experience these sessions and the amazing growth and insight of those I’m working with.

I want that for everyone. To toss that burden aside and step over the barrier into the life you want.

Here are some of the goals that people have come to me with:
I am confident and calm in all situations
I release all anger towards my mother
I am strong
I am confident
I love care calls
I am worthy
I am accepted
I love eating healthy
I am playful with my family
I speak encouragingly to those around me
I release my anger
I am a writer
I am a Silver with Young Living Essential Oils

What is it you want to do and what is stopping you from doing it?