Scrapbooking Classes February Newsletter is out!

The Scrapbooking Classes newsletter for February 2012 is out! Be sure to get your copy today! It not only includes a couple of inspiration and informative articles but an easy to read and follow layout sketch!

  • SBC members shared some beautiful layouts to inspire you!
  • I wrote an article on storing photos
  • There’s many different ways to say “I Love You”, and our awesome member, Vicki H. shared the list!
  • Some really fun Love/Valentines themed layout titles like “Owl Always Love You” (PLEASE share if you use any of these!)
  • Co-Owner Esther shares her product spotlight of the Creative Memories power sort box (my favorite way to store photos!)
  • More layouts and the unique, creative scrapbooking sketch I made just for you!
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How to Ink Swatch

Down Days

Feeling down? A little blue? Not quite yourself? I’ve found over the years that if I surround myself with upbeat people and happy thoughts, I’m happier. When I think on the negative and focus on the I wish, what if, life is hard thoughts; then life gets harder and darker.

Negative thoughts are like quicksand, one toe in and it starts sucking you down! The gooey, dark, cold mess grabs hold and seeps up. It moves through your limbs, up your spine and settles into your heart.

However, if you let go of the ugliness and focus on what is beautiful in your life, it WILL chase out the cold, darkness that is trying to take over. Whether you believe the bible or not, it says:

Philippians 4
8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. 9 Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

Think on those things that make you happy! You had a tough childhood, I get that. It doesn’t have to make you who you are. You are in control of that. Surround yourself with happy photos. If you don’t have many from your youth, take some now! Go to your favorite place and take pictures, pic the best and put them in frames, put them in albums, put them as a screen saver on your computer! Everywhere you look, you’ll see smiles! 

If you sit and think on the ugliness, it will rule your life. I’m speaking from experience here, although I am not a doctor, I don’t have a degree in counseling and I’m not offering any kind of medical advice. What I am saying is that we all have stuff in our lives and in our past that can drag us down; me included. I was a young mom and although I was there for my kids, I did the very best I knew how to do and I gave them all of me, I was not an experienced parent and there are things I wish I could have changed. If I focus on that, I won’t be able to make it through a day. 

Instead I choose to focus on what I’ve done right, what I enjoy, what brings me joy and bringing joy to others. When I’m feeling down, I scrapbook. I rejoice in my photos, in the memories and in the smiles looking up at me. I celebrate the happy times. I bask in the joy on my children’s faces! I am transported to a beautiful place. The cold moves back and the sun shines in. 

Celebrate the happiness. I’m not saying stuff the sadness deep down and pretend it isn’t there. It is there. It does exist and it does hurt. I’m saying, don’t give it power over you. You get to choose what rules your life. Wake up in the morning and list the things you’re thankful for. Step out of the warm shower and be thrilled you have running water! Don’t gripe about the cold, rejoice in a warm vehicle! Don’t whine about the job! Embrace the fact you have a job! Don’t complain about your husband, be thankful for him. Don’t sulk about your childhood, accept it’s what has made you who you are. Throw open your arms, give yourself a hug, and step into the future. 

I am glad to be alive, to be sharing with you and to God for my many blessings, but especially my love for writing 🙂 

When Things Slow Down…

I think some of the worst phrases around today are:

  • Someday I’ll do that
  • Tomorrow I’ll have more time
  • Things will be better next week
  • When I get around to it
  • When things slow down

Tomorrow is a concept, so is someday. They don’t actually exist. Tomorrow is always tomorrow, once it gets here it becomes today and when it passes it is yesterday. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years waiting for tomorrow and someday. Tomorrow I’ll call that person or write that letter. I don’t. Someday I’ll sit down and write that book. I haven’t. When things slow down, when life isn’t so crazy, I’ll accomplish a whole list of things I want to complete. Life hasn’t slowed down, in fact, it’s getting busier and crazier.

It seems like yesterday my baby girl was learning to walk, today she is a junior in college going for Criminal Law. Where did the time go? It was just a short while ago that I was talking to my second little girl about picking up her baby dolls, and now she has three babies of her own! Tomorrow I will take the time to take my boys fishing and camping, next weekend when it’s not so crazy, later this summer when things slow down…. but I rarely did. Now they are both grown and living on their own. Where did the summers go? Where are all of those tomorrows? I let them slide right by me disguised as today’s.

Do you have little children at home? Today is the tomorrow you were talking about yesterday. It’s so cliche and yet so very true! Remember when you brought the baby home and all you wanted was for them to sleep through the night and then they did! Oh how you couldn’t wait until they could walk, and they are! You’ll find time when they start school, then they started school and you would plan for summers only to find you were planning for school!

This is why I love scrapbooking so much. It is not a fluffy art to entertain bored women. It is a way to capture those precious moments and store them away! You don’t have to do it every day. You don’t have to journal every moment of your child’s life. Even capturing one moment is more than you had yesterday, right?

That next great assignment that comes home from school, slide it into a pocket page with the date on it. That moment is now captured!

Today they are one day older, they are one day closer to being grown and gone. The same goes with our parents and grandparents. Recently we lost two elderly family members. Both of them were important to me and both were on my ‘tomorrow list’. Tomorrow I will write to them, tomorrow we will catch up. I have no more tomorrows to share with them. They left yesterday.

Where were they born? What did they love? What would they change? How did they meet their spouse? What brought them joy? I will never know.

Talk to your loved ones. Learn about them. Hold on to your today and to them. Seek them out. Encourage them. Listen to them. Take a photo today. Of what you might ask? Of them doing what they love. Ask them about it. Why do they love it? What brings them joy?

You can’t do anything with yesterdays once they are gone. You can rejoice in them if you’ve captured them! This is what scrapbooking is to me.

I would love to help you get started! Preserving your memories does not have to be time consuming or difficult. It just has to be. There are many styles available now. Digital is an easy way to get your memories saved without storing supplies! Be cautious on where you purchase the albums from though, the purpose of saving these memories is so they last and the reason the cheap guys are cheap, is because they can offer a lesser quality paper and ink. The same is true for the big store brands. Make sure your purchases are meant to last.

Capture today, right now, this moment. What have you been putting off? Right now is a great time to tackle that! Just do it!

Tammey Brown

NOTE: I posted this on Febuary 10, 2012. That Sunday (2/12/12) I got to church to hear an amazing, right to the heart sermon. The new series is called “Live Like You Were Dying”, wow. Can you imagine how much we would get done? How much we would share? How much we would talk? How much we would take the time to tell loved ones how much they are loved? To see the sermon, click here

It’s worth watching! Be prepared to be inspired!

Sorting Paper

I really struggle with how to sort my paper. I have too much, and yet, not nearly enough! I have started going through the stacks and will post pics when I’m done. The solid colors aren’t the problem. Those are easy, just put red with red, blue with blue, yellow with yellow etc..

The problem is the pattern paper! If it is yellow, orange, and green; does it go with yellow? orange? green? Does it go with Spring colors? Or maybe summer?

How do you sort your paper? I would love to see pics of your scrapspace!

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and share photos, projects, ideas, techniques, solutions and more!

See you there,

PS If you missed my class, I found great information here: