60 Day Challenge

Good Morning friends! I belong to a great scrapbooking group called ScrapbookingPizzaz and Esther and I were discussing challenges. She was inspired to start a journaling challenge.

This is the challenge:
Write in your journal area that you have chosen, weather it be online, in a book, in WordPad on your pc (or in your blog).  Remember it’s your choice where you journal…

11/01/2010 – Todays Challenge:
Your thoughts and opinions on this topic:  Everything happens for a reason, right?
I absolutely believe everything happens for a reason. I can look around me and see where choices were placed in my life and I acted on them. Some positively and others I regret. Sometimes I regret acting and sometimes I regret not acting on them and not following my gut. 

For example, almost seven years ago I was single and going through a hard time. My then teen aged daughters literally bullied me into joining match.com, totally against my will. I ‘met’ a few guys on there and they seemed nice enough, but none that I really felt a connection with. Mostly, I felt they were just players. My 30 day free trial was over and I was going to just delete my account when my girls absolutely challenged me into actually purchasing a membership. The next day I had a message from another member. 

There were major changes in my life that led up to that point. I had to move from everything I knew to a state I knew hardly anything about. I had to end a long term, bad for me relationship and take a huge step of faith. I had to find the confidence to actually meet the man behind the text. I look back now and see that because I took a chance at each fork in the road, I am now where I am. I took a chance on a man I met online, a very scary proposition and one I don’t actually recommend, I am happily married and and added a young stepson to the family. 

It isn’t always easy to see why things happen, sometimes we may never know why. It is always easy to know that God is in control and even when difficult things happen, He is there. I had a difficult childhood. I don’t hold any grudges or animosity. It made me the strong, independent, reliable woman I am today.

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