Quick Kit Sketch

I developed this quick and easy sketch when I was participating in dozens of swaps a month. It makes it super easy to get enough pieces out of the paper to put together a full layout. You will need one piece of cardstock and one piece of pattern paper. For a more professional look, add a second color and add .25 to the cardstock dimensions. Holler if you have any questions.

HELP! Please :)

I’m stuck. As most of you know, I demonstrate a paper craft or scrapbooking project every Tuesday evening via my webcam. The new year has begun and I really need some inspiration! I’m thinking maybe some Valentines Day crafts are in order.

Do you know of a good craft I can demonstrate? If you do, please share with me! 🙂 Anything is welcome.

  • Little kids valentines (like for a classroom)
  • Cards you’ve made
  • Stamping ideas
  • Layouts
  • Candy based projects

I’m open to all suggestions!

Thanks so much,