Veterans Day Cutter files

Sorry I’ve been so out of the loop. I’m just along for the ride called life! LOL As soon as I can, I’ll be back to sharing here. However, I’ve not forgotten ya’ll and here are a couple of Veterans day files.

United States Map SVG https://mapsvg.com/maps/usa

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every veteran. It doesn’t matter if we believe in the war or if we back Obama… we should all support our vets and our soldiers.

Thank you

Halloween 2009

We had so much fun taking Skyler out this year. We planned on taking him to Zoo Boo at the Chahinkapa zoo in Wahpeton, but they got a LOT of snow last night so it was moved over to the middle school. All they did was have the kids walk down the hall getting candy. It was lame lol

Today though, they guys got all scary and we went to the mall (which was super-super packed!), then to Krolls for a bite and then out trick-or-treating the neighborhood! Skyler made a killing. Everyone just loved how creepy Skyler and Chris looked.

What great memories and I can’t wait to scrap them!