Hosting a Sketch Challenge on the TSI Forum

Hey everyone! This awesome file inspired me to host a sketch to a layout challenge on the TSI Forum! Here are the details:

Sketch Challenge
This sketch to a layout will run from February 1-28th. You must create a layout based on my castle sketch (see sketch below), take a photo of it, and upload it to the gallery of the forum.
 All layouts must be uploaded by Feb 28th to qualify for this challenge.


Everyone that uploads will be given points for the following:

5 pts for including a title
5 pts for having photos on the layout
5 pts for using one of my files
5 pts for journaling
2.5 pts for participating
2.5 pts for using any type of bling
2.5 pts for using handwritten journaling
2.5 pts for using watercolor pencils or ink

Everyone that participates will get a fun, layered Valentine’s file from me.
Everyone earning at least 25 points will get the file I’m currently working on!

Everyone that purchases this castle file AND uses it on their layout will get the new file I’m working on for FREE! It goes great with this gorgeous castle! So far there is a princess and balcony. I will be including a welded and matted title as well.

Anyone is welcome to join this free forum and my exciting sketch to a layout challenge!! Here is the sketch.


Comments? Does this challenge interest you? Are you going to participate?


I Love Scrapbooking Elements (with tear bears!!!) – Win this item!

Scrapbooking is so much more than it used to be. Today, we are historians. We preserve our memories, capture moments and journal moments in time for future generations.
My passions are photography, genealogy, scrapbooking and family. To me, they all go hand in hand; each complimenting the other.

This file would be great for a retreat, new scrapspace, crop or just recording your passion for such an amazing hobby. The term hobby always bugs me, it’s so much more than that. What do you love to scrap? Leave me a comment and I’ll pick one name from all of the commenters on February 27th, 09. The winner will get the Scrapbooking Frame with one of Esthers tear bears on it! In the second photo, you can see the files cut and assembled with Esthers little bears on them!!! They are so cute! The prize for this challenge is the large heart frame in the upper left hand corner! The winner will actually receive this completed item so no cutter required!

***** NOTE: Please leave your email address in your comment if you do not have a current blog. Otherwise, I will not have a way to contact you if you are the winner! I will contact the winner and get mailing info after the name is drawn.

UPDATE: Congratulations Cindy! Thank you everyone for posting to my challenge! I loved reading all of them 🙂

TSI Blog Hunt – Visit ScrapbookCircus!

I wanted to remind all of you that my dear friend, and TSI team member, Charlene (AKA ScrapbookCircus) has some goodies hidden on her blog!! Frosty’s hat has landed in her yard and she has had great fun with it!

With her delightful sense of humor, the goodies will be mischievously hidden I have no doubt! Anything she creates is well worth the hunting though! Good luck and happy hunting!

New Years Eve Project!

Welcome to the New Year!! Here are a few creative ways to ring in the new year and wrap up the old!

Many people scrapbook or create vision boards around their hopes and resolutions for the new year. It’s important to remember these albums are for future generations to connect with their hiSTORY!

Learn More – Why Scrapbook?

Need ideas on what to create? Here is a brief list meant to inspire and encourage you!

Let’s Talk About Last Year – 

  1. Layout covering the highlights from the previous year/ a year in review.
  2. Family tree – who was added and update birth/death information
  3. Last Years Resolutions – Bring them forward – what worked, what didn’t? What were you successful with?
  4. What was your favorite part of last year? 
  5. What are you most thankful for?
  6. Time Capsule Layout
    1. Plan an in-person or online event where each family member writes something they are looking forward to or want to achieve in the new year and submits it with a current photo of themselves. 
    2. Seal all in an envelope and place it in your album. On the cover of the envelope write what year it was created and when it should be opened. 
    3. On that open date share the contents and create a layout with the photos and what people wrote.
  7. Identify one event or great thing that happened for each month of last year and journal about it. Use photos if available. 
  8. Traditional New Years Eve party/celebration layout
    1. Do you have any traditions? 
    2. What does ringing in the new year mean to you?
  9. Create a calendar page with 30 boxes and fill it in with your top 30 favorite moments of last year.
  10. Thank last year for all of the insights, lessons, accomplishments, additions, and delights that you can think of!

Ideas and Title Inspiration to Celebrate the New Year!  

  1. PARTY! Did you go somewhere on New Year’s Eve? Do you have photos of that? 
  2. New Years Resolutions
  3. Did you create a Vision Board? 

This is a file I created last year and I’ve updated it to include 2009 through 2020. There is also the number 12, just in case you want a clock. This file includes the clock, clock hands, balloons, streamers, and numbers and would be great for any project calling for:

  • It’s that time of year!
  • It’s time!
  • It’s that time!
  • Just in time!
  • Join us for….
  • You’re invited….
  • Mark your calendar!
  • Set your clock….
  • Time got away from me…
  • Sorry I’m late

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President Obama Scrapbooking Layout Sketch

I created this sketch to go with the file I posted yesterday. I will have a better file, much more detail, up tonight. Be sure to check it out, I just love it. I’ll post it to my blog tonight so you can all grab it.

You can find Obama details online at
or just do a search on Barack Obama biography.

Looking for Praise Song for the Day? Fellow blogger, Shae, has it on her blog! Visit her blog.

Click on the sketch (it will open in a new window), click File and Print to print the sketch out. I have included the supplies used and general directions on the sketch. I would love to see your layout.

NOTE: Newspaper is not photo safe and disintegrates very quickly. You can save it in a memorabilia pocket and then include it in your scrapbook. To display the article or headline on your layout, make a photo copy on photo paper and use that in your layout.

President Barack Obama File

I’ve uploaded a file in honor of our new president. As I said earlier, no matter how one voted, this is a historic event and should be documented. I am an avid scrapbooker and photographer and as such, I recognize the significance of every single inauguration! Everyone should.

Be sure to save the front page of tomorrow’s paper and include that in your layout. You could journal how you feel about the election, what you see for the future if you went to any inaugural events or anything else you feel is important.

Time magazine and the other big ones will have great photos, you can also find them online if you were not at the event but would like photos for your layout.

Valentine Scrapbooking Sketch

Tonight I will show how to use the file I posted last week and create a layout based on this sketch.

The file can be found on my blog at HERE.

The supplies needed are listed on the sketch. If you click on the sketch you can save it to your computer and print if desired.

You will need to have the pieces (border, title, frames etc) cut and put together before you come to class (in my scrapbooking group).

I will post the layout created from this sketch and file at a later date. If you create a layout based on this sketch, please let me know and I’ll share a link to it!

Candy Dish & Yummy Candies

I had such a busy weekend! I didn’t get nearly as much done as I’d hoped. One of the things I did finally get to, is working on a few new files. I had a special request for ribbon candy not very long ago. I was delighted at how it turned out. The colorful candy from my childhood inspired this collection.

I remember going to my grandmas house and she always had a dish of brightly colored ribbon and hard candy out for us. Although I included candy canes and a Christmas tree, these delicious little candies could be on any project. When I created the file I had in mind a layout of my grandmother and journaling my fond memories of those sweet treats. Later I got to thinking and these would be so much fun on a card, pinata layout, or party invitation.

** Included in this file is: AI, DXF, GSD, KNK, SVG (inkscape), EPS and the PDF file. I’ve also included my TOU. The PDF file allows those without cutters to create paper piecing patterns.

Kreativ Blogger Award

I received the Kreativ Blogger award from
Amanda at http://amkscrap.blogspot.com/!

Thank you so much Amanda 🙂

As I understand it, I now need to list my 7 favorite things.
1 – Family – Some more than others 😉
2 – Sunshine – Love all four seasons actually, even winter
3 – Laughter – LOVE to laugh!
4 – Music – All genres (almost all – not fond of rap, acid rock etc)
5 – Photography
6 – Scrapbooking & my groups
7 – Being creative and sharing

Now I’m to list 7 blogs I think should get this award and I’m guessing I can’t name Amanda as she already got it! LOL

  1. Esther – http://estherscreativedesigns.blogspot.com/
  2. Myra – http://craftyratcreations.blogspot.com/
  3. Sherri – http://sherrie-cardcreme.blogspot.com/
  4. Linda – http://3dbyshopmo.blogspot.com/
  5. Mary – http://mamawslegacy.wordpress.com/
  6. Tina – http://gadgetgrltekkie.blogspot.com/
  7. Jeni – http://paperpiecing.typepad.com/patterns/

I listed a few of my favorite blogs and sent them the Kreative Blogger Award! I love visiting them and think you should too!